Setting Limits and Building Cooperation

Setting Limits and Building Cooperation

3 week course
Starts Wednesday 2nd November
12:30pm (UK Time)

How do we get our children to stop unworkable behaviour and gain the cooperation and connection we and they need?

Starts Wednesday 2nd November 2022 at 12:30pm (UK time)

Parenting Webinars

Parenting Webinars

Free webinar

FREE webinar

The Power of Playfulness; Parenting’s Hidden Treasure

Starter Class

Starter Class

Next starter class
Friday 21st April 2023
12.45pm (UK Time)

Come and join a friendly and supportive 6 week Zoom course to learn the tools of Hand in Hand Parenting with an experienced professional.

The course will run for 6 weeks from Friday 21st April to Friday 26th May 2023 12.45-2.45pm (British Summer Time)

Parenting Consultations

Parenting Consultations

Get personalised parenting input and support drawing upon my training and expertise as a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and clinical psychologist. This is an excellent way to get individually tailored and in-depth support with your parenting struggles.

Individual therapy for adults and parents

Individual therapy for adults and parents

I offer a warm and compassionate space in which I can draw upon a range of therapeutic models to best suit your needs. I work integratively and within a focusing-oriented framework. This framework provides a flexible, experiential and empowering approach which provides lasting therapeutic change.

Introduction to Focusing Course

Introduction to Focusing Course

Focusing is a natural way of being with and listening to our bodily experiencing, to our deeper wisdom. Focusing can be used in many different situations. It’s a wonderful self-care practice, it enhances personal growth and therapeutic work of all kinds, it has been used by activists for self-care and conflict resolution, and enhances creativity.

Focusing supports us in developing a compassionate listening to our bodily felt experience. It creates a safe, non-judgemental “being with” our own experience that enables forward movement and change.

- British Focusing Association

Focusing is a peer-to-peer partnership practice and can also be done solo. It is a very safe, gentle and also powerful practice. We learn to listen to our bodily felt experience/inner knowing through a process of tuning in to our felt sense, listening for symbols (words, movements, physical sensations, images, memories) that match our inner experience and then respectfully creating an inner relationship with that experience.

Personally speaking, I am extremely passionate about Focusing. It has been transformative in my own life, enabling me to develop a healthier relationship to my emotions, so that I can experience them without either being cut-off from them or overwhelmed by them. It has also helped me with a deeper knowing, like an inner compass where I can sense into the heart of the matter more easily and understand myself more accurately. I also experience more strength, tenderness, empathy, resilience and joy!

I am particularly interested in the relationship between Focusing and how this helps us to be with other people, especially in parenting. Focusing has had a profoundly positive impact on my parenting. Being able to be with my own experiences including difficult and overwhelming emotions helps me to be with my children’s experiences with much more tenderness and true empathy. Focusing enables me to parent myself and all the different parts of me so that I can parent my children in the way I want to!

Course Details

  • I offer a free 20 minute Zoom call to meet me and find out about the course. Please contact me to arrange a time.
  • The course is an introduction to Focusing and you will learn how to focus and also how to be a listener.
  • You will receive handouts/booklet to accompany the course
  • The course will be largely experiential with input from me, group practices, focusing partnership time and time for questions and sharing.
  • This course makes up the first block of 5 that would give you the British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills, should you wish to go down that route.
  • It will be a small group of maximum approximately 7 people.
  • It starts on Monday 6th November 2023 12 – 2.30pm for 5 weeks.
  • We will have a 15 min break in that time.
  • Cost is £180
  • Some concessions and payment plans are available

Registration and payment

  • I require a deposit of £40 to secure your place
  • I need full payment of £180 by Monday 30th October please
  • This payment is generally non-refundable if I can’t fill your place. However I aim to be as flexible and accommodating as possible while balancing the demands of my business. Of course, if I cancel the course for any reason, any payment will be fully refunded.
  • I will send you payment details

Contact me for more details.

Emotional well-being, self-care and resilience

I teach courses and workshops on focusing, mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, and emotional resilience.

I care deeply about how we develop emotional well-being, positive mental health and psychological resilience. I have explored and learnt many practices for this, that are now integral to my own life.

In doing these practices, I have found it not only profoundly impacts on my own well-being, but in turn, has a deeply positive impact on my children, through my parenting.

I also teach focusing which is the practice that has had the most profound and transformative impact in my own life. I teach it both individually and in groups.

Please contact me to find out more

Find out more about focusing.