I offer a warm and compassionate space in which I can draw upon a range of therapeutic models to best suit your needs. I work integratively and within a focusing-oriented framework. This framework provides a flexible, experiential and empowering approach which provides lasting therapeutic change.

I am greatly influenced by the work on self-compassion, trauma, body-oriented approaches, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment work and working with implicit emotional memory.

My overall approach to therapy is attachment-based, trauma-informed, experiential and compassion-focused.

I have experience of working with a range of difficulties.

I have appreciated the care you have taken with me – and for your insightful ways. I have also appreciated the way you have introduced ideas to me, and worked in ways that are less familiar to me. Your genuineness and complete trustworthiness have been just what I needed. I have felt very held by you. Many, many thanks Kirsty

- Therapy client

Integrative focusing-oriented therapy for adults

Focusing is a natural way of being with and listening to our bodily experiencing and deeper wisdom. Focusing can be used in many different situations. It is a wonderful self-care practice. It enhances personal growth and therapeutic work of all kinds

See British Focusing Association for more information.

Focusing-oriented therapy is an empathic, compassionate and empowering approach. It provides an individually attuned framework within which different therapeutic models can be applied to best suit the client. It equips clients to learn to relate to themselves, the different parts of themselves and their emotions in a positive, kind and strengthening way that helps to build emotional well-being and resilience and move their lives forward.

Not only do clients get relief and resolution on difficult and troubling issues they bring, they are also able to develop the life-long skill of compassionate, attuned self-relating which is an essential component of positive mental health and resilience. They also gain the skill of being able to access a deeper awareness and knowing of themselves and what is needed to move their lives forward in the future.

Focusing-oriented therapy is a truly empowering approach. It is gentle, yet powerful and profound, and going at the right pace for the client is at its heart.

Individual therapy for parents

I am passionate about supporting parents to overcome their personal obstacles to being the parent they wish to be.

We can have the greatest of desires and intentions to respond to our children in loving, patient and wise ways and yet many factors including past experiences that often we aren’t even particularly aware of, can impede us in being the parent we wish to be.

This is an extremely common issue and is area I have done extensive and deep work on in myself. It’s an ongoing practice for me that I am very passionate about and deeply grateful for.

I love working with parents on understanding and untangling their own triggers and reactiveness around their children, where that comes from in their past experience, and how to heal and move forward from these unhelpful, often repetitive patterns. I know how hard it can be to have the best intentions and then end up behaving towards your children in ways that you regret!

I also have a great interest in working with parents along the spectrum of Childhood Emotional Neglect.

The work can be profound and life-changing for parents and the consequent impact on their children can be deep, far-reaching and have positive repercussions into their adult lives.


The fee for therapy is £85 for a 60 minute session.

However, I often recommend 75 minute sessions as working within a focusing-oriented framework requires time and space to sense into a different and deeper awareness based on the felt-sense. I find this length of time usually more effective than 60 minute sessions.

The free for a 75 minute session is £105

Concessions are available - please feel free to contact me to discuss this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more or to book a free initial 20 minute consultation.