FREE webinar

The Power of Playfulness; Parenting’s Hidden Treasure

Come and join me for a FREE 1 hour webinar on the power of playfulness.

Find out why playfulness is parenting’s hidden treasure and secret weapon!

Most suitable for parents of children under 10.

We will cover:

  • the importance of connection for your child’s emotional development
  • the relationship between connection and off-track behaviour
  • the secret ingredients of the kind of play that will boost your connection with your child and enhance their well-being
  • the Hand in Hand tool of playlistening
  • how to use playfulness to help your child when their behaviour goes off-track
  • how play can help your child with specific issues, like fears
  • physical play
  • lots of practical examples
  • when it’s hard to feel playful as a parent

Register on the Hand in Hand website:

Other webinar topics include:

  • dealing with difficult behaviour
  • how to lose it less with your kids
  • using play to build your bond and manage difficult behaviour
  • promoting emotional resilience in your child.