Kirsty has changed my family’s life! Since learning about Hand in Hand parenting on Kirsty’s course, I’ve completely changed my view and attitude to parenting. It’s still early days, but I now better understand that by building connection with my children, every day struggles are beginning to diminish and there is growing harmony in our home. Kirsty is so calm, confident and warm, I feel like I could tell her anything without judgement. Kirsty shared her her own examples of parenting struggles which were really helpful. She’s been through it all and her genuine love and belief in the Hand in Hand approach really shone through in her teaching. I’m sad the course had to end.

- Parenting class participant

I have really appreciated the care she have taken with me – and her insightful ways. I have also appreciated the way she has introduced ideas to me, and worked in ways that are less familiar to me.

Her genuineness and complete trustworthiness have been just what I needed. I have felt very held by her.

Many, many thanks Kirsty!

- Focusing-Oriented Therapy client

Kirsty has a calm and nurturing presence. Working with Kirsty, I have felt supported by her positivity and have found her to be very reliable and professional.

- Counselling supervisee

Kirsty is a warm, insightful and thoughtful facilitator and she created a very safe, non-judgemental “holding” space where I felt able to honestly share my parenting struggles, despite not knowing the other members of the group beforehand.

I was inspired by her genuine enthusiasm for the Hand in Hand approach, her deep knowledge of the thinking behind it, and the examples she cited of how it has transformed her own parenting.

I feel confident that with further work on my behalf the approach will help me build a deeper relationship with my children, which I hope will make them emotionally more healthy and resilient in the long term.

- Parenting Course Participant

Kirsty’s Hand in Hand came at the perfect time for me, I had recently returned from work after maternity leave and wanted to be able to connect on a better level with my son when I was tired and stressed from work. The course was amazing.

The sessions themselves were so helpful to sit and reflect on myself and me as a parent, and to share our experiences with a group of like minded parents. And the tools I took away from it were something else - even after the first week I felt a huge increase in my connection with my son, particular through special time. I’ve also made a listening partnership through the course, which I hope will be successful for both of us for a long time. And of course Kirsty herself, who has been a calming influence in my life and also a great demonstration of how hand in hand parenting can really work.

- Parenting class participant

I truly enjoyed how Kirsty delivered each session. Delivery of each tool was very effective. I feel that the emphasis was not only on introducing the tools, but also on understanding them. I liked that I was able to read about the tools prior to the session, and then really concentrate on how they are used in practice, supported by examples from Kirsty’s own family life. Some of them were so inspirational, that I repeated them at home when the opportunity arose, and this supported my parenting style.

It feels that the tools were given to me in the right time of Motherhood, and I am really greatful for Kirsty’s effort put into each session - preparing relaxed and safe place where I could open up as well as understand more about Parenting and understanding my children, as well as myself.

- Parenting class participant